03 February 2015

Pre-pitches: Identify three datasets that interest you. Write a short blog post that describes the provenance of the data (who maintains it?), where the data can be found (include a link) and in less than 200 words each, explain why the data is interesting. This can be data that gives context to the community you’re working in, or data that is worth doing some reporting on.

Post these pre-pitches to the dataskills-class tumblr.

Software Make sure that Firefox is installed on your computer, with the Web Developer Toolbar. Install Tabula, Create an Academy account with CartoDB – start from http://cartodb.com/academic to get the education discount. You will not be able to do the necessary work in this class without an “Academy” CartoDB plan.

Read Cairo: The Functional Art , Reading part 1: pages 25-31, 36-44, on thinking through a visualization as a tool for the reader; what graphical form best serves the goal? On e-reserve in the Library

Read The Perils of Polling Twitter

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