18 March 2015

Community Profile Rough Drafts

A rough draft does not have to have the polish of a final project, but it should be close. You should have created the visualizations that you plan to use. Your classmates should be able to evaluate a rough draft on its merits, without a guided tour of forthcoming features. A complete rough draft includes:

  • Clean data in spreadsheets, already normalized, sorted, manipulated
  • Visualizations of the data with labeled axes
  • Captions
  • Credits
  • A headline
  • For your reporting piece: at least three links to other reporting that puts your story in a broader context.
  • Introductory text that includes information gleaned from at least one human source.
  • A source list.

You’re going to file your rough draft in a gist, which should include three separate files:

  • index.html is your rough draft
  • storyboard.md or storyboard.html (your choice) is the version of the story board that you submitted on Feb 25.
  • pitch.md (or pitch.html, again, your choice) is the version of the pitch submitted Feb 18.

File your draft by adding it to the assignments document


If you need technical assistance, don’t hesitate to ask for it!

Keep our guide to asking good questions in mind – remember that the easier it is for me to repeat your steps, the faster I can point you in the right direction!

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