11 March 2015


Now that you can clone your Gist locally, you can start playing with really improving on the HTML.

HTML is markup. It defines paragraphs and links, lists and headers. Everything we do to line things up, make them pretty, make them ugly – that almost all happens in CSS. We’re not writing CSS from scratch, however. We’re going to be using Bootstrap.

So our first project is to transform our chart assignment into an HTML page that uses Bootstrap to do better layout. Bootstrap gives great instructions for downloading their scripts and stylesheets and adding them to pages. Don’t!

Instead of downloading anything, we’re going to use a content delivery network to host our CSS and JavaScript files. There are tons of good reasons to do this. Tons. But it is also much easier.

So take a look at my Bootstrap Templates templates and copy one into your own text editor.

We’ll work together on editing it. I’ll make a clean post out of my old HTML notes but in the meantime there are some good resources there as you bushwhack your way through HTML.

Viewing it in a Browser

We may not get to this but you’re looking for python -m SimpleHTTPServer which will start a little web server at

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