25 March 2015

Community Profile Final

Take another pass at your story and clean it up. If you’re stuck, confused, frustrated, exasperated … ask for help! I can help. Coaches can help.

Rename your rough draft to roughdraft.html and put your final story at index.html.

Put your source list in a separate file, sources.md or sources.html.

Remember: you are not required to include a human source for this profile but you do need to incorporate at least three links that put the data in a broader context and you need to provide a list of sources, whether those are reports or people.

Survey Excercise

Write a short survey about something connected to either your data driven story or your community profile. Post the survey to a Gist. If you also want to include it on your story, that’s great, but please do hand in a gist that is just the survey itself, with a bit of context to make sense of it.

Assignments Document

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