04 March 2015


Read Cairo: The Functional Art, Reading part 3: pages 73-86, on presentation (available on ereserve, pass is dataviz15).


Huddle with your partner and make some progress on your data driven story. What do you have? What do you need? Keep moving forward.



Revise your map one last time. Give it an engaging title and a caption that gives your readers a handle on what you see in the data. Why are we looking at this map? Use my HTML Template to wrap a bit of HTML around the texts, and then find your bl.ocks URL. If the preview is cutting off the data, try the raw version (there’s a linke, “Open in New Window” to help you find your way to it.) Make sure that the bl.ocks URL is on the assignments document.


Make at least one chart in ChartBuilder and add it to a gist with a title and a few lines of context. I recommend picking something you’re going to need for one of the two stories you’re working on, but it is really entirely up to you.

Keep our class discussion in mind. Not “the chart below shows the number of people from each country in the northern triangle who were deported last year” but “Deportations to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras spiked in 2013, and the following Spring young children began appearing unaccompanied at the US border.”

Tell me what you see in the numbers. What is my takeaway?

Note: if you can’t figure out how to get an image all the way onto a Gist, upload it to Imagur and post the Imgur URL to the class assignments document.

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