09 October 2014

This week you’re going to put your slideshow pitch on a new HTML page and upload it to Digital Storage. Note: the instructions were different before Oct 15.

Make a new page

You’re going to use the Bootstrap carousel to create a slideshow of six to ten different images. Each one should have a caption of 20-100 words. Think about photos you’ve already taken this semester, or photos you know you’re going to need for another project.

In 150-300 words, tell me what you want to include in your photo slide show, why it is interesting and why it is newsworthy. Please also let me know whether you plan to take new photos or re-use photos or outtakes from another assignment.

Use the basic bootstrap template to make a new html page called week6.html. On the page, use 2-3 <p>...</p> paragraph tags to pitch a slideshow. Your pitch should include a proposed headline for your slideshow, a description of the story you will tell, and a rundown of your plan–where will you get the photos, how much work have you already done, etc.

Your pitch should include a prospective headline, a description of the story, and an explanation of your plan.

Upload your html page to digital storage, double check it, and send me the URL. If it doesn’t start with http://digitalstorage.journalism.cuny.edu you’re doing something wrong.


Your work for this class should be your own original reporting. However, if you’ve done reporting for another class that you’d like to expand on in an interactive project, we encourage you to return to stories you know well.

Every story you produce for our class should include clear source information for any data or images that you did not produce yourself.

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