30 October 2014

This week you’re going to finish your CartoDB map, revise your Quiz pitch and start thinking about chart stories.


Embed your CartoDB map on an html page named map_draft.html and upload it to digital storage. Email me the URL.

Your map page should include:

  • a headline
  • a caption (below the headline is fine) of not more than 200 words that puts the map in context
  • a map
  • a legend
  • clear attribution for your data

Quiz Pitches

Please also take a second look at your quiz pitch – you don’t have to revise your proposal if the class discussion didn’t inspire you to take a new tack, but please do make sure it is up at quiz_pitch.html and includes at least two potential questions and answers. I’d love it if you included five or six questions and answers.

Again, email me the URL.

Chart Stories

Please give some thought to data that you’d like to pursue in a non-map form, and come to class next week prepared to discuss a few ideas. We’ll talk a bit about what we’re looking for and you’ll have a chance to refine your ideas and pitch me a chart for the following week.

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