09 October 2014

Your work for this module will be hosted on the Journalism School’s Digital Storage server. This web hosting will be available to you for two years after you graduate–you should make plans to backup work you are proud of and find hosting for it off of campus servers.

FTP and S(ecure)FTP are standard protocols. That means that there are many different software tools you can use to transfer files between computers using FTP. Filezilla is just one of those tools. Fetch and Cyberduck are popular alternatives that many Apple users like.

When you open Filezilla, use the following settings to connect to digital storage:

Host digitalstorage.journalism.cuny.edu
User Your SOJ network username
Pass your network password
Protocol SFTP
Port 22

If you get an error, Read it! Sometimes the error is a celar clue to what is going on upstream!

Everything you upload to Digital Storage will be available to the public at:



Some code that we’re using in this class will actually need to be delivered by a web server. You can create a miniature web server on the fly by running python’s SimpleHTTPServer

Open a terminal, use cd to navigate to your data viz folder. Run python -m SimpleHTTPServer and then visit http://localhost:8000

This launches a mini web server in that directory. We’ll do more fun things at the command line before the semester is over, but this is incredibly useful.

You can make this a bit easier with System Prefs – right click on any folder and say “new terminal at folder” – use pwd to see where you are.

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