23 October 2014

This week you’re going to work on your map and pitch a quiz.

Start Your Map

For next week, you don’t need to embed your map on an HTML page. Just get it organized on CartoDB and send me a link to it there.

We’re going to take two weeks to put a draft together on Digital Storage because I think the map projects is one of the most challenging that we’re tackling.

Pitch a Quiz

Think about a story that might lend itself to a quiz format. Can you help people understand ballot access or the budget process by asking them questions that challenge them to think about how the city works?

Your quiz should include four to six questions with two to four possible answers each. Quiz drafts will be due Thursday Nov 13/Monday Nov 24, one week later than originally scheduled, because I want to give us two weeks to get our maps together.

Your pitch should include …

  • A proposed headline
  • A description of the story. Eg.

    Two years after Superstorm Sandy hundreds of New Yorkers are still waiting for their homes and beaches to be rebuilt. Many have to navigate a puzzling maze of federal and state agencies to even apply for funds. A quiz will walk them through the challenges that local residents and businesses face.

  • Two or three possible questions, with a note about what the question is getting at. Eg.

    Q1: How many NYC homes were damaged beyond repair by Superstorm Sandy? The possible answers could include a raw figure for the whole area, including NJ, and a figure for just one region of the city. Point is, most people don’t realize that there were so many/few homes destroyed by the storm.

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