13 November 2014

Step One: get organized. You’re going to need a few windows open. You might want to close other windows so you can focus.

Troubleshooting Highcharts

Many of you have figured out that you can embed a JSFiddle. But … embedding Fiddles is fiddly. Instead of learnning how to do that, let’s stick to learning how to put a chart on our own page.

  • Did you place a <div..>…</div> on the page where you want the chart to appear?
  • Does your <div> have a descriptive, one word id? id="container" is not descriptive. id="time_to_leak" is.
  • Is your Highcharts Function looking for the right id?
    $(function () {$('#oscar_night').highcharts({ is looking for a div with id="oscar_night"
  • Is your jquery call above your function?
  • Is your highcharts call below your function?

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