13 November 2014
  • Chart drafts. Get your chart working in JS Fiddle and add the URL to the Google Doc. We’ll embed it on an HTML page in class next week.

  • Slideshow Revisions. Focus on content, get your pictures resized, make sure you tell a story. Next week we’ll work on some CSS. Use slideshow_revised.html as your filename.

    • Take another pass at your title: does it capture something about why we’re looking at these photos?
    • Are all of your photos resized? They shouldn’t be larger than 1140 pixels wide.
    • Do the indicator dots all work? Test them. Are they all there?
    • Are your individual photo captions in full sentences? Are they consistent? If you started a quote, does it end?
    • If some of your photos also have a title and others don’t, decide which you’re going for and make sure that all or none have titles. I don’t care whether your titles are in Title Case or sentence case, but they need to be consistent.

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